CLS Sodalitas is involved in several partnerships:

both with fundamental and applied research institutions, and with testing, inspection and certification bodies

with industrial organisations operating in the paper, agri-food and food packaging sectors

with companies operating in different fields, such as production of polymers and composites, flexible packaging materials, cements, fillers and coatings useful in the construction and furniture sectors

with industrial organisations operating in the mechanical and chemical systems sector

Basic and Applied Research

Fundamental and applied research on nanotechnologies is entrusted to the PackLAB, a specialized laboratory belonging to the Department DeFENS (Department of FOOD ENVIRONMENTAL AND NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE) in the University of Milan.

Manufacturing Sector

Partnerships with the manufacturing sector involve companies in the paper, textiles, food and agri-food packaging industries.

The aim of these partnerships is to verify the use of nanoparticles, right from the applied research phase and through to industrial production, concentrating on technological, performance-related and economic aspects of their use.
These companies are the end users of nanoparticles.

Systems Industries

Partnerships with the systems industry focuses on developing special tools and systems for the production and functionalisation of nanoparticles.

De FENS Department